Case Taintor

Welcome to the ever-so-small personal website for Case Taintor


I'm an American living abroad who loves the outdoors and computer programming.

Find me on Github.


I'm slowly starting to share some presentations that I've given either publicly or at the Klarna Tel Aviv office

  • Cooking an Omelette with Chef
    ( code | slides | video | press )
    a presentation at Rails Israel 2013 which taught the basics of Chef, focusing on what sorts of problems we at Klarna were hoping to solve and how we took small concepts and iterated to come up with a suitable solution.
  • Demystifying the Asset Pipeline
    ( code | slides | video )
    a presentation that covers the basics of what the asset pipeline is and why it exists. The presentation finishes by showing off the power of Sprockets and the asset pipeline.


Find me either on LinkedIn or download my resume as a pdf.